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Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed spiritually and emotionally.

Oftentimes there is a combination of issues -self-esteem, marriage, finances, business, children, work- that collectively play a part that leads to disappointment, regret, hurt, and resentment, which ultimately steals your joy and inner peace. Our chat will provide a strategy to overcome debilitating thoughts and feelings that leave you feeling hopeless as if real change is too hard to achieve.

Allow me to not only be a listening ear but also offer encouragement, share my testimony and experiences -that is rooted in obedience to God’s word, of how I continuously incorporate necessary spiritual disciplines that has become a lifestyle.


Get ready for a jumpstart to living a spiritually wealthy life that is grounded by God's Word and His Character and nature.  


What Do You Get?


After our chat, you will receive a personalized 2-week plan of action that will give you direction and guidance in how to surrender and lean on the holy Spirit for help every step of the way.  

Who Will Benefit?


Everyone and everything connected to YOU, benefits when “You” change…

All that is connected to you, will recognize your spiritual maturity and growth and want to be connected to what changed you, and that is “Christ.”

Know that the change that you desperately want to see is on the other side of a:

A Change in your mindset. 

A Change in your habits.

A Change in your behavior.

And, a Change in your heart.


Ask yourself, what’s “really” Holding You back? Then, Let’s Chat. Don’t let another day go by, wondering what’s on the other side of Obedience. One chat can lead you in the right direction towards true alignment with God’s strategic plan for your life. One chat, can give you the courage you need to jump into action and make our conversation applicable to your life with no excuses.

I’m ready. Are You?

Note- When you book a chat, you will automatically be eligible to apply for the Soon-to-be Released “PUSH Through Principles TM Coaching and Accountability Group.”

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