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"21-Day Challenge"- Pursuing a God-First Lifestyle Devotional Book

"21-Day Challenge"- Pursuing a God-First Lifestyle Devotional Book

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"For Men & Women"


What is so deeply rooted in your heart and mind that is keeping you from living a life where God is first? What continuously tugs on your spirit that hinders you from consistently giving God first place above anything else? The answer to those questions and more are locked inside of the all-new devotional Pursuing a God-First Lifestyle: Your 21-Day Challenge Starts Now


At this present moment, accountability and ownership is the missing piece to the lifestyle you desperately want to have. It’s time to tap into a new awareness of how you’ve been living and where God has been missing or lacked priority in your life. It’s time to have a mindset shift and re-evaluate what’s important to you. It’s time to pursue a life-changing habit of living spirit-led in any- and everything you do.


The “inner work” doesn’t have to take months, years or even decades. You can draw closer to God and become the type of believer you’ve always wanted to be in just three weeks because what you’re holding in your hand is the blueprint to making God primary in your life without fail.


Pursuing a God-First Lifestyle: Your 21-Day Challenge Starts Now speaks straightforward to everyday situations and gives you clear steps to change the way your life looks when God is in total control. Every devotional is scripture-based, showing you how to align life’s principles to the unmovable and unshakeable Word of God.  


Inside, you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover where God has been left out in your life and the struggles you face to keep Him in the #1 spot. 
  • Build an unbreakable bond and trust in God and follow a solid game plan that allows Him to take lead over every area of your life. 
  • Obey the Holy Spirit and His guidance in how you Wake Up and Push Through® the hours of each day 
  • Embrace a fresh, new spiritual awakening and boldly step into your God-first Lifestyle.  


Plus, each prayer in the challenge will penetrate your heart, renew your mind, and propel you into daily action to live your life in a way that is pleasing to God. The prayers will easily become your personal meditations and conversations with God in your private alone time, improving your prayer life, strengthening your faith, and bringing great purpose and meaning to your day. 


Listen, whether you’re coming to God for the first time or you’ve been praying to Him seven days a week for years, by the end of this 21-Day Challenge, your hunger for God will grow, and you will confidently greet each day to live the God-First Lifestyle that He wholeheartedly desires for you to live.


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