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"MEN'S EDITION"- Wake Up Man... and PUSH Through!- Prayer Book

"MEN'S EDITION"- Wake Up Man... and PUSH Through!- Prayer Book

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What would life be like if you could wake up every day and have an open and honest conversation with God?  The kind of conversation that eliminates insecurities and releases the constant stress and burdens of trying to hold everything all together.


That experience would be transformative

That experience would be life-changing


…and that’s precisely what Wake Up Man… and PUSH Through is created to do!


These powerful prayers equip you to have the courage to stand with the strength that God provides and make a choice to put Him first, all while trusting God, releasing control and overcoming doubt.


Wake Up Man … and PUSH Through, is a transformation-inducing, faith-fueled book that addresses the unique struggles and challenges you face, and shows you how to make God your first priority daily and lean into His word for guidance and strength.


Filled with 50 spirit-led prayers that are bold, straight-from-the-heart, and exclusively for men, Wake Up Man… and PUSH Through serves as your daily go-to resource for:


• Finding the exact words to speak to God and form a deeper relationship with Him (without worrying whether or not you’re saying the right thing)

• Developing the unwavering obedience and discipline to put God first and allow Him to refuel and feed your spirit every day while gaining the strength to confront your deepest, darkest fears and remove negative thoughts the enemy might plant in your mind about trusting God and His word

• Rising to the next level of spiritual growth and maturity and stepping into the purposeful life He has already divinely assigned to you

• Tapping into the omnipotence of God and uncovering the incredible power His name possesses while declaring His promises and receiving His abundance, blessings, and breakthroughs


Each page puts you one step closer to walking in purpose.


One step closer to opening up your heart and mind to receive God’s favor.


One step closer to creating a daily habit of waking up and putting God first.


And that’s one step closer to becoming a more confident, more powerful, and more anointed version of yourself.


As you use the book’s prayers, scriptures, and teachings during your morning devotional, you’ll soon learn that no matter what life throws your way, God has your back – even if you struggled with knowing how to go to Him in the past.


Wake Up Man… and PUSH Through reminds you of God’s true omniscient character and how He can and will bless every area of your life when you let Him in to do so.


So, let this daily resource serve as your tool for strength on your spiritual journey.



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