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"Volume 2" -Wake Up Girl... and PUSH Through! Prayer Book

"Volume 2" -Wake Up Girl... and PUSH Through! Prayer Book

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With Volume 2 of Wake Up Girl... and PUSH Through!, readers advance to the next level of spiritual growth and maturity by diving deeper into the importance of being disciplined and obedient to God and using the power of prayer to surrender their hearts to Him in all aspects of their lives.

If you’ve ever struggled to pray in a way that genuinely expresses what’s in your heart and soul, Volume 2 of Wake Up Girl... and PUSH Through! is a must-have. Each of the book’s prayers, scriptures, and teachings speak to the private hardships we all face but never discuss, so you can vulnerably put it in the hands of God and allow His grace and favor to transform your life.

As you use the book’s 50 prayers during your morning devotional, you’ll soon learn how to approach God boldly, confidently, authoritatively, powerfully, and genuinely – even if you’ve struggled with doing so in the past.

Wake Up Girl... and PUSH Through! reminds you of God’s true omniscient character. By doing so, it eliminates any fears you might have about going to Him with whatever you’re going through, which gives you the confidence and faith you need to reach the next stage of your spiritual journey.

In this book you'll discover how to:

  • Call in, decree, and declare an overflow of God's blessings into all areas of your life.
  • Push past your lack of focus, energy, and self-discipline to create an early morning, God-first wake-up routine.
  • Clearly and confidently let God's voice speak louder in your thoughts, actions, and beliefs than the enemy's.
  • Uncover the true power of using God's name and His omniscient character.
  • Answer The Holy Spirit's nudges to be more disciplined and obedient to God.
  • Easily and effortlessly apply scriptures to overcome your personal hardships.
  • Surrender your heart to God with practical and powerful prayers that express what's residing in your soul (all without feeling like you're repeating the same prayer day in and day out).
  • Advance to your next level of spiritual growth and maturity by truly putting God first (before all else).


By using this book, you will be inspired and encouraged to incorporate these prayers into your daily routine. So, open your heart and allow Volume 2 of Wake Up Girl... and PUSH Through! to show you how to take your walk with God to the next day at a time.

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